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Who is Lynne Jolitz

Lynne Jolitz has been a founder of startups ranging from workstations to Internet multimedia. Lynne is technology adviser to CoolClip Network, a GenY Internet video social networking company, where she designed the underlying video processing technology. Lynne is also technology advisor to InterProphet Corporation, a funded fabless semiconductor company where she holds several patents in Layer-4 semiconductor design.
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    Video Technology

    Lynne's work in automated video production was discussed as part of SIGCHI's Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference in Singapore. The paper Lessons Learned in Massive Video Production (MVP) for University Alumni Outreach described Lynne's work with UC Berkeley's physics department on alumni outreach using a datacenter-based scalable video production server array technology called ExecProducer. She received an Alumni Award for this work at the Physics Department Alumni Reunion and Dinner October 2003. Asked later about her feelings on receiving this award, "The unexpected honor I have received tonight from my department is without doubt one of the most wonderful moments of my life."

    Retail services based on this technology can be found at Valux - Your Video Screen on the Web! and CoolClip Networks.

    Where to read

    She writes for various publications like Byte as well as her weblog "Lynne's Take on Tech".

    Lynne is very active in the womens entrepreneur and technology networking groups, and writes on topics of interest to women in high-tech, such as her commissioned front-page business article Paving the Way for 'Systers' appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle(9/15/03).
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  • She currently conducts due diligence on technology for investment.


    Lynne was Director of Network Engineering for a top-ten (Media Metrix) publicly-traded 24/7 media and entertainment content datacenter transacting 28 million ad impressions per day and hundreds of millions of web pages throughout the world.

    Lynne is also a noted author and authority on operating systems and networking issues. Her published works have been translated into German and Japanese. She is originator and commentator on the Internet video news show In the DataCenter discussing events in the computer industry. See also Lynne Greer Jolitz - Early Years

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    Ultra Low Power TCP/IP

    Lynne's latest accomplishment in hardware technology is the achievement of a patented technology for the lowest power usage internet communications technology, usable in cellphones (see Patent 6,952,409).

    For extremely high-speed optical connections, power is often the limiting factor in massive 100/1,000 Gb/sec applications. Lynne's approach gets at the theoretical minimum power possible. Check back soon for developments on this revolutionary basic technology, and how it will change the face of the Internet over the next decade.


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    Other Interests

    Latest Patent

    US6952409: Accelerator system and method. Issue Date: Oct 10, 2005. Lynne G. Jolitz. In a system consisting of a cell phone, wireless network, and a base station, for cell communication packets having a formatted header containing information about the packet, said cell phone comprising a modulator/RF detector and a DSP, the improvement comprising means for transparent bi-directional translation of audio/video protocols into Internet standard protocols, thereby allowing directed attachment to other stream oriented protocol devices without interposed protocol translation while reducing complexity. Filed Jan. 8, 2001 , . See also Lynne Jolitz term memory patent and TCP/IP network accelerator system and method which identifies classes of packet traffic for predictable protocols and Term Addressable Memory of an Accelerator System and Method.

    Lynne Jolitz is involved in running datacenters, inventing new ideas/processes, writing papers, private seminars/consulting, and as a community technology advocate.


    She lives in Los Gatos, CA with husband William Jolitz. Their children Rebecca Jolitz, Ben Jolitz and Sarah Jolitz are a product of this heritage.
    Her children have also been into video production, including film competitions.
    Rebecca Jolitz did a film for her school that was shown at a kids film festival(see "Rebecca Jolitz Debuts Movie in Kids Film Fest"), and both her and her big brother entered a film in another film festival(see "Jolitz Family Video - Bots" for web video). Her son Benjamin Jolitz has interests in astronomy and likes showing off his scope at star parties - especially to pretty girls who like science (see "Tech Trek 2003 Star Party") and wins at science fairs (see "Benjamin Jolitz Wins Science Fair Award").


    Video - Oracle 'Geek of the Week'
    See Lynne receive award for 386BSD and InterProphet's Silicon TCP.

    Lynne's Take on Tech

    Lynne Jolitz is a "born in Silicon Valley" open source pioneer, startup entrepreneur and technology journalist. Join her on her weblog for her observations on how tech decisions today impact your life tomorrow.

    Recent Entries

    Latest Byte Article

    August 2005., USA. Innovation After Grokster, . Will the Supreme Court's Grokster decision throttle innovation in video search, podcasting, and other emerging technologies?.

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