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Lynne Jolitz has been a founder of startups ranging from workstations to Internet multimedia. Lynne is technology adviser to CoolClip Network, a GenY Internet video social networking company, where she designed the underlying video processing technology. Lynne is also technology advisor to InterProphet Corporation, a funded fabless semiconductor company where she holds several patents in Layer-4 semiconductor design.
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  • Lynne Greer Jolitz (personal site Lynne Jolitz) has been a founder of startups ranging from workstations to Internet multimedia. Lynne is currently a Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ExecProducer a pioneer of Massive Video Production, and realtime Internet video production and deployment. Her most recent work was included as part of SIGCHI's Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference in Singapore held June 2004. The paper, Lessons Learned in Massive Video Production (MVP) for University Alumni Outreach, described Lynne's work with UC Berkeley's physics department on alumni outreach using ExecProducer's novel technology. She received an Alumni Award for this work at the Physics Department Alumni Reunion and Dinner October 2003. Asked later about her feelings on receiving this award, "The unexpected honor I have received tonight from my department is without doubt one of the most wonderful moments of my life."

    Lynne was a top manager as Director of Network Engineering for a top-ten (Media Metrix) publicly-traded 24/7 media and entertainment content datacenter transacting 28 million ad impressions per day and hundreds of millions of web pages throughout the world. Lynne is also a noted author and authority on operating systems and networking issues. Her published works have been translated into German and Japanese. She is originator and commentator on the Internet video news show In the DataCenter discussing events in the computer industry

    Lynne received a granted fundamental technology patent (2001) for her four-year work in very-high speed Internet protocol transaction technologies for high-end datacenters at InterProphet, the Internet infrastructure company she co-founded. Lynne was responsible for the development of the proof-of-concept scalable design and product which definitively solved both the 30-year bandwidth bottleneck problem while providing the ultimate solution to denial-of-service attacks by receiving the information ballistically, processing it on-the-fly, and acknowledging the results with no microprocessor intervention required. She held P&L responsibilities and the Secretary to the Board of Directors position. Prior to InterProphet, Lynne held P&L operational responsibility at Symmetric Computer Systems, a manufacturer of Unix workstations, for five years.

    Lynne has appeared on the Oracle E-Business Network and was presented with their Geek of the Week award for her years of work in high-speed networking and operating systems design. She has appeared on Dvorak’s RealComputing discussing Internet broadband’s impact on our lives. Lynne is very active in the women’s entrepreneur and technology networking groups, and writes on topics of interest to women in high-tech, such as her commissioned front-page business article Paving the Way for ‘Systers’ appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle (9/15/03). Lynne has just been granted a semiconductor memory patent (June 2004), and continues her research work with technical papers and articles (list of works).

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